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House of Cards

Gambling is anything but an innocent pastime. Find out how to break free—and how to deal with someone caught in this addiction.More >>

Victims of Gambling

It seemed like harmless fun — a lottery ticket, the slot machine, online poker. But this broadcast’s guests attest, what starts small can quickly spiral out of control. More >>

Talking Points and Basic Information

Lotteries: An Overview of the Problem

By Chad Hills, Focus on the Family

There are a number of legitimate questions you need to ask before you buy another lottery ticket or vote to allow lottery legalization and/or expansion in your community. >>Full Story

Childhood and Adolescent Gambling

By Chad Hills, Focus on the Family

Adolescents are the largest and most vulnerable population addicted to gambling.  >>Full Story

Indian Gambling Fact Sheet

By Focus on the Family Action

In depth statistics regarding Indian gambling. >>Full Story

FAQ: Gambling in the U.S.

April 30, 2008

By Chad Hills, Focus on the Family

Basic questions and answers regarding gambling in the U.S. >>Full Story

Gambling: A Summary Outline

October 4, 2009

Short and concise biblical references concerning the issue of gambling in regard to society and the individual. >>Full Story

Gambling Availability and Addiction

By Chad Hills, Focus on the Family

Gambling promoters frequently maintain that there is little, if any, relationship between the availability of gambling and gambling addiction. However, testimony from experts and data from gambling communities indicate otherwise. >>Full Story

Gambling`s Impact on Families

By Chad Hills, Focus on the Family

The tragedy of gambling addiction reaches far beyond the more than 15 million Americans who are problem or pathological gamblers. Employers, work associates, friends, and taxpayers often pay a steep price as well. >>Full Story

In depth Research and Articles

Gambling and Suicide

By Chad Hills

Gambling-related suicides are an increasingly common phenomena as legalized gambling continues to spread throughout America. >>Full Story

Casinos and Crime

By Ed Vitagliano

Data from gambling communities across the country indicates that gambling does indeed foster a significant increase in crime. >>Full Story

Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs) and Electronic Gaming Devices

By Chad Hills

Experts on gambling addiction say that video terminals are especially dangerous because they offer gamblers a very fast, highly stimulating, rate of play. Faster play also means that bettors lose more money, because each bet a gambler makes is, on average, a loser, so more bets translate into larger losses. >>Full Story

Research, Testimonies and Articles From Gambling Experts

August 22, 2007

By Chad Hills

A clearinghouse of information and research on the effect of gambling upon society. >>Full Story
Websites, Books and Additional Resources

National Council on Problem Gambling


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